001 130825 ObbyNewConfig 01  CURRENT: from the left, TS65 astrograph for astrophotography (widefield)  my fourth scope. Next, Altair 60mm finder guider. Next, Altair 115mm refractor for astrophotography and observing. 002 140123 Celestron VX 01  CURRENT: Celestron C8 SCT. Excellent scope for planetary viewing and imaging. It aslo gives superb views of deepsky objects (especially nebulae) when coupled witht he Celestron 31mm LUMINOS eyepiece 002a 160703 02 New Focuser  As mentioned in the last slide - Celestron LUMINOS 31mm - 82 degree field of view! 003 150722 009 Lunt50  CURRENT: Lunt 50mm Solar Telescope. I've captured some stunning images of the Sun with this scope. It suffers from a poorly manufactured focusing mechanism but this can be replaced...for a price.
004 130216 WOBS Spring 2013 007a  SOLD: Orion 80ED, refractor (on top in photo) my third scope bought for ease of use and mainly for astrophotography. 005 121125 001 C10 TS65  SOLD: Celestron C10n, newtonian, my second telescope and probably a bit of an impulse buy as like most in the hobby I was overcome with "aperture fever" :-) Best views I've had through a scope! 006 121110 002 C8 TS65  SOLD: Celestron C8n, newtonian, my first really good telescope, I was able to see my first galaxies, clusters and double stars with this. I also took my first astroimages with it in 2010.