WOBS Cameras

006 110618 004 QHY6 CCD  Sold: QHY6, I originally bought this as a guide camera. It did well but was considerable overkill for the task 007 110618 003 QHY8 CCD Acc  Sold: QHY8 One Shot Colour camera. Capturing all the channels (RGB) at once has its advantages over mono imaging - especially in the UK. However to image in narrow band I moved to mono (although it can be done in OSC to some affect) 002 160311 10.03.01 ZWO Cameras  ZWO ASI120MC All Sky Camera and Guide Camera. I mount the all sky camera to the scope so that I can see what it is seeing of the night sky (clouds) 001 20161118 005  ASI1600MM-Cool - a revelution in deep sky astrophotography using a CMOS chip. You take very short exposures which means you can image "unguided" in many instances
004 20161118 006  The cameras in place on the NEQ6 mount 005 20161118 121232  ZWO 8 position filter wheel with LRGB and 3 narrow band filters from Baader installed.