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Welford Observatory has been capturing images of the night sky since 2010 - visit the gallery to see the evolution of equipment and techniques that you may encounter if you embark on a hobby in astrophotography.

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Who doesn't see the stars...and wonder

Most of the conversations I've had with people about the universe and space missions invariably lead to stories of their youth when they saw their first mission launch. Some of us older people remember the launch of Apollo 11 while the youth will talk about the Space Shuttle. And then there's Hubble....

Most have seen the iconic "Pillars of Creation" image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and some have been inspired to attempt their own Deep Sky Object (DSO) Imaging.

We start with our eyes, maybe binoculars and then a telescope observing the night sky in search of that wonder. And then we attach a camera to the telescope and try to capture it......

And so it begins.....

"Pillars of Creation" Credit: NASA, Jeff Hester, and Paul Scowen

Take a tour of Welford Observatory to get started...

It all started with a disused chicken coop in the Midwest for me....and has culminated in an octagonal observatory with spinning roof in the Thames Valley in England.