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...it's true!

Did you know....Johannes Lippershey, a Dutch eyeglass maker, is now thought to have invented the telescope - not Galileo Galilei - but Galileo was the first to use it for the study of the night sky and Sun.

No kidding....the Sun's light takes around 8 minutes to reach us through space - so you're seeing as it was around 8 minutes ago.

Fact: The Crab Nebula is the result of a supernova explosion in 1054 CE - it was observed by Chinese astronomers who said it was visible during the day for months afterwards

Far out!: Galaxies that are the farthest away from our location in space are speeding away from us at 90 percent of the speed of light....which is...google it..lol

Floater: If you could find a pond big enough to hold it - Saturn would float!

Big numbers: We live in the Milkyway Galaxy where there is thought to be around 100 billion stars - and the Milkyway is one of the 100 billion galaxies thought to exist in our known Universe

Stand aside Polaris: The star Vega - a beautifully bright star in the constellation Lyra will one day replace Polaris as the North star

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WOBSASTRO is and acronym for Welford Observatory Astronomy. Welford Observatory serves as a base for my exploration of amateur astronomy with an emphasis on planetary and deep-sky imaging. There's also trips to star parties in Norfolk, England along with live streaming of astronomical events such as eclipses, meteor showers and the occasional comet. I hope you find this site as useful as all the astro websites I've visited in my learning of this exciting and rewarding hobby. Have a look at the link section for more ideas. I hope enjoy your visit.

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Keeping the elements at bay


Welford Observatory has gone through two versions. The current one was completed in December 2007


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The equipment of this hobby is often quite complicated - which gives you plenty to read when its cloudy.


Everything you need to enjoy this hobby


..a shed, but not as we know it...


Welford Observatory v2 - a purpose built building that I can comfortably call an observatory.....or the nearest I will ever get to owning one :-)


Welford Observatory v1 - a shed with a removable roof :-)


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


...astronomical cost..but worth it


There are many different objects to view in the night and day sky...and many different types of scopes to view them with.


I've had a number of different telescope mounts and have found the Celestron AVX to be my favourite


I started with a DSLR, moved to CCD and now I'm using a new approach involving CMOS technology.

Future Plans

Dreaming big!