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Find out what’s happening at Welford Observatory

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Welford Observatory has been capturing images of the night sky since 2010 – visit the gallery to see the evolution of equipment and techniques that you may encounter if you embark on a hobby in astrophotography.

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Who doesn’t gaze into the night sky and say…..WTF?!

It’s all there – mystery – the unknown – the deep dark void….everything you need to absolutely freak yourself out thinking about it!

With so much media pointing us spaceward it’s no wonder amateur astronomy has become so popular.

So get on the bandwagon! Get a star chart, then maybe a small scope, then maybe a building to put it in and you’re off on the journey of a life time!

Join me on my journey through the comos via Welford Observatory – I’ve been travelling for a couple of decades so you’ll have some catching up to do 🙂

"Pillars of Creation" Credit: NASA, Jeff Hester, and Paul Scowen “Pillars of Creation” Credit: NASA, Jeff Hester, and Paul Scowen

Take a tour of Welford Observatory to get started…

For me, it all started with a disused chicken coop in a lonely field in the Midwest in the USA….and has culminated in an octagonal observatory with a spinning roof in the Thames Valley of England.

Worm Tunnel to Tour